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7 Ideas to Recycle Small Wooden Wine Boxes

Finding yourself with a ton of wooden wine boxes is not a bad thing. Tons of uses can be found that allow you to reuse and recycle these boxes in ways that you might find surprising.

1. Napkin and Condiment Holder

Add a cute and unique feature to your breakfast bar or table with a small wine box that is large enough to hold napkins, salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard, picante sauce, or whatever condiments are needed for your next meal. It gives your serving area a look of distinction and makes your guests feel at home. It’s a great way to show off your crafty side.

2. Letter Holder

Hold all of your incoming and outgoing mail in one central location with a long wine box. Place the open end to the top and it can contain quite a few letters, bills, or whatever you have delivered or need to be delivered. It’s perfect for making sure all of your important mail stays in one easy-to-find spot.

3. Hair Accessory Container

It’s easy to lose track of hair accessories like barettes, ribbons, and elastic bands. Take advantage of the open space available with small wine boxes by placing all of your important hair accessories in one place. You’ll never have to dig around to find items again. For those of you interested in learning more, there are more resources to be found on the Ekan Concepts website.

4. Spice Rack

Do you love to cook and use a variety of spices? Your smaller wine boxes can be the perfect solution for storing your spices in the kitchen. Stack them with the open end towards you and go as high as you need to hold all the spices.

5. Office Supply Storage

Paper clips, pens, pencils, markers, colored pencils, small staplers, staple removers, and white out are all things many home offices need to function well. Make the right size storage for all of these smaller items within a wooden box for wine. The vintage look will seem inspirational and it allows the box to be reused for a practical purpose.

6. Seedling Planters

Every gardener needs to have plenty of containers for small plants and seedlings. Why not add some potting soil and use a smaller wine box? Your smaller plants will have plenty of room to grow and you can easily move them in and out of the sunlight as needed.

7. First Aid Basics

Keep all of your first aid basics in a handy spot for those unexpected scraped knees and elbows. You can stash a good supply of plastic wound strips, gauze, cotton balls, medical tape, alcohol wipes, peroxide, and triple antibiotic ointment. It makes handling a sudden small injury easy and fast.

The uses for smaller wooden wine boxes are only bound by your imagination and creativity.

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