5 Hardwood Flooring Renovation Tips

5 Hardwood Flooring Renovation Tips Renovating hardwood floors is well worth the effort since the cost of replacing them can be high. Refinishing can be a great way to spruce up your wood flooring without breaking the bank with a full replacement. The following are some tips to consider when refurbishing hardwood floors. Moisture Test Dropping a few drops of water on hardwood floors can help determine if they need refinishing. If the water beads up or takes a long time to soak in, your floors may just need cleaning and polishing, but if the water seeps right in, they will need to be refinished or replaced. Consider DIY Refinishing your own hardwood floors can seem like a daunting task, but nowadays you can learn to do just about anything online. Watching how to videos can help you decide if you are up to the challenge of refinishing and repairing your own wood flooring. Renting the necessary equipment will help keep costs down, but keep in mind that refinishing floors is a very dirty job. There will be a lot of dust, so doing it yourself probably isn’t a good idea if you have allergies. Also keep in mind that it is easy to damage the wood which is why this job is usually best left to professionals. Make sure your floor is thick enough If you are going to sand the floor yourself, it should be about ¾ inches thick since a small amount of surface removal is inevitable with sanding. If your floor is thinner than that, you may want to consider hiring a professional, so you don’t run the risk of sanding down to the subfloor. Remember, whoever refinishes the floor will likely be passing over it three times with a sander using progressively finer grit of sandpaper. Some newer floors are less than ¼ inch thick and therefore cannot be refinished. Consider Changing the Color Many homeowners do not realize that they can drastically change the color of their hardwood floors. You can go dark to light or light to dark, and believe it or not, grey flooring is all the rage. Grey is the "new neutral," which is why grey wood floors are now replacing more traditional browns in many designer homes. Whitewash flooring is a great way to add light to a home, whereas dark colors like espresso are perfect for highlighting white cabinets. Consider painting Painting hardwood flooring is a relatively inexpensive way to add a pop of color to a space. Floor paint comes in a variety of popular colors including French gray and ball green. Painting your hardwood floors is relatively inexpensive and can allow you the flexibility of going with different colors in different rooms. Whether you polish, stain, or paint your hardwood floors, putting a little thought into the project ahead of time will help you to achieve your desired results. Updating the look of your natural hardwood can be a great way to increase the beauty and value of your home.
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